Will Younger
About Me

William Younger – Principal

Will has been with PROS Consulting since 2004 and serves as the project manager on master plans, strategic plans, feasibility studies, and business plans for a variety of organizations, including municipal, state, and not-for-profits. Prior to joining PROS Consulting, he worked in the municipal golf course industry. He also leads the business development initiatives for the PROS Consulting Team and its partners ensuring efficient communication and progress across multiple projects and geographies. He has specialized experience in logistics management for various components of the planning process and serves well in a wide range of consulting assignments. His varied and extensive experience gained from working on hundreds of planning projects proves to be a valuable asset as he serves various aspects of project planning including task development, scheduling, solicitation of community input, status reporting, performance, and report development.

Will loves to spend time outdoors with his two daughters and wife traveling all over the United States visiting parks. He is an avid runner, fly-fishing enthusiast, and motorsports supporter.