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Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Town of Superior 2021 Parks and Recreation Master Plan
The Woodlands Township 2022 Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment
City of Roseville 2022 Parks, Recreation, and Libraries Master Plan

…responsive, innovative, and sensitive to the unique needs and interests of our community

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Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

“PROS Consulting has proved to be responsive, innovative, and sensitive to the unique needs and interests of our community. Based on the recently completed Parks and Recreation Master Plan, I am confident it will provide us a sound framework for decision-making for the next five years and beyond. PROS has assisted us to become CAPRA Accredited and the NRPA Gold Medal award-winning park system CCPR is today on many planning projects and has played an integral role in CCPR’s planning efforts for nearly two decades.”

Michael Klitzing, Parks and Recreation Director, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

The Town of Superior, Colorado selected PROS Consulting to conduct our 2021 Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan. The Town was very pleased with the professionalism that PROS brought to the table and their ability to meet the high expectations of the Town Board and the local community. PROS worked hand-in-hand with staff, advisory committees, and the Town Board to craft a plan that provided data for key decision-making on needs, priorities, and cost-benefit of current and future resource allocation.

In the wake of the devastating Marshall Fire event in late 2021, the Superior Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan helped the Town set priorities, as well as chart re-building and community-building projects that support the critical needs of our recovering community.

Leslie Clark, Director, Town of Superior, CO

PROS Consulting, served as a sub consultant on the 2022 The Woodlands Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment which provided our community a deep analysis on the trends impacting our resident’s needs. The research they provided into our level of service, as compared to other similar agencies and the community’s stated needs, was used in part to develop short-, mid- and long-term goals for facility renovation, expansion, and new park development. Overall, the work that Pros Consulting facilitated, led to our Board of Directors pledging over $30 million over the next three years for system renovation and development, the largest singular capital plan in the history of our community.

Chris Nunes, Ph.D., CPRE Chief Operating Officer

PROS Consulting recently completed Roseville Parks, Recreation & Libraries’ Strategic Master Plan. We were excited to work with Leon and his team and they did not disappoint. They truly are “pros,” providing us with a great experience throughout the plan’s development, as well as a terrific final product that we are now putting into action!

Jill Geller, CPRE, Director, Parks, Recreation & Libraries

Working with Mike Svetz and the PROS Consulting organization has been valuable to our team. Mike’s insights garnered from experience with agencies around the country, as well as being a former director himself, helped us evaluate tangible options. As we prepared comprehensive master plans and feasibility studies, the expertise from PROS provided guidance while still representing the voice of staff and local residents.

Stacey Dicke, CPRP, Parks and Recreation Director

The Town of Oro Valley (AZ) Parks and Recreation Department began our Master Plan journey in February 2020. We were very excited to get started and had selected PROS Consulting to lead us through the process. Little did we know how very lucky we were to have them. One month later the world shut down. We had to quickly pivot our community outreach strategy, and in the end the entire process had to change. Navigating a Master Plan through COVID would have been impossible if not for the relationship and partnership with PROS, specifically Mike Svetz. The wealth of experience, professionalism, and industry knowledge made this chaotic process amazingly smooth. The Plan was presented to Council in May 2021 and in June 2021 they adopted a $25M Bond allocation for Park projects! I will forever be grateful for the work and personal bond I have with PROS Consulting.

Kristy Diaz-Trahan, CPRP, Parks and Recreation Director

PROS Consulting and their planning efforts have been integral in our Department’s ascension to a CAPRA accredited and NRPA Gold Medal agency. Their efforts during our partnerships have created the path to deliver the best programs and facilities for our citizens. Solid performance-based relationships, like what Provo Parks and Recreation has with PROS Consulting, are the key to next-level performance.

Scott Henderson, Provo Parks and Recreation Director

I highly recommend PROS Consulting for your parks and recreation system master planning, park and recreation facility business planning and park impact fee analysis needs. In addition to their knowledgeable team of professionals and hands-on approach to project management, PROS helped us develop, by far, the most comprehensive parks and recreation planning tools for our organization and community. In just a short time, we are already realizing the benefits of their services and expertise.

TRACI MICHEL, AICP, LEED AP, Parks and Recreation Director

Our experience with PROS Consulting Inc. was everything we could have hoped for! The PROS team of professionals were a pleasure to work with during our Master Plan process and fully understood the unique challenges we face being a university town. By providing us clear direction, regular engagement and an easy-to-follow structure our project stayed on schedule. The final product we received is already being used to help Brookings make positive changes in our operations and planning for the future.

Dusty Rodiek, Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry

PROS Consulting was hired to complete our Park & Recreation System Master Plan that we update every five years. The process they used to produce the finished product was efficient and resulted in key strategies we are using to advance priority initiatives across the department. The final product resulted in an easy-to-use document that we reference often as we work to address the strategic priorities in our plan.

Don Kearney, Parks and Recreation Director

Chandler’s Park Strategic Master Plan is an important document that will guide decisions regarding park maintenance and development in Chandler for the next 10 years. It integrated public feedback from community meeting, parks bond committee members, elected officials, and city management with the technical knowledge of Chandler’s professional staff. We are grateful to have partnered on this important project with PROS Consulting and Kimley Horn.

Andy Bass, Deputy City Manager