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Terry Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz has experienced a long career serving significant park and recreation organizations as the Executive Director and lead administrator in the Midwest and on the West Coast of the U.S. His career has provided him with management responsibilities for a significant diversity of organizations large and small. In addition to serving as an Executive Director, he has been the principal manager of destination facilities in San Francisco including oversight of large national attractions such as the former Candlestick Park; Harding Park Golf Course, the site that hosted the 2009 President’s Cup, several museums, aquatic facilities, and the department permits and reservations system.

Terry offers significant experience when managing revenue facilities including indoor tennis clubs, deck tennis, ice arenas, aquatic and beach facilities, and golf courses. Throughout his career, he has assisted or directed strategic planning, master planning, and feasibility studies for communities across the US.

As a director of an agency, he conducted a planning process that encompassed $20 million in capital improvements in a community of 12,500 residents in four years. Those improvements included turf fields, water management systems to reduce groundwater flooding, the implementation of geothermal temperature controls for facilities, maintenance facility development, and new golf driving range configurations. In addition, he is the brainchild of an NRPA-recognized mentoring program designed to help administrators and staff become improved managers of their operating systems.