The PROS philosophy is that market needs define programs that drive facility design. The PROS approach to planning is to enter with an open mind and to let the process drive the outcomes. The emphasis is on building a dynamic tool that is objective and defensible and can lay the groundwork for a future bond referendum, grant programs, or donations. Equally important, it provides an opportunity to ensure that the current service offerings equitably serve the community needs and to proactively position the agency for future development.
To do this, we undertake a wide gamut of planning services that include:

• Park System Master Planning
• Strategic Planning
• Business Planning
• Succession Planning
• Feasibility Studies

Pros employee presenting to a room of parks professionals.
PROs employees perform facility assessment of park.


The PROS Team consists of seasoned practitioners who understand the complexities of operating a diverse organization while interfacing with multiple stakeholders. Using a variety of industry best practices (the Malcolm-Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence / NRPA CAPRA Accreditation Guidelines) and our proprietary models (the PROS organizational framework and design and the PROS staffing model), will help to assist any agency in the evaluation of services. Our assessment experience includes the following services:

• Community Needs Assessment
• Program Plans & Service Assessments
• Organizational Assessments
• Environmental Assessment
• Park/Facility Maintenance Assessments


Successful strategies and the best laid plans have no value unless the financial component is equally solid. The PROS Team comprises of industry experts who have served as finance directors and business managers helping various organizations achieve desired operational and financial outcomes. Our in-depth financial analysis coupled with user friendly cost of service models, earned income generating ideas and pricing strategies would help you to maximize taxpayer dollars and help build a more fiscally responsible and sustainable system.
• Revenue Development
• Partnership Development
• Cost of Service Evaluation

PROs employee presenting to a room of parks professionals using a powerpoint.
PROs employee speaking to a room of people.

Speaking & Training

The PROS Team members are members of the National Recreation Parks and Recreation Association, as well as the City Parks Alliance. We have spoken across the country as keynotes on varieties of topics. Also, we have assisted many agencies with CAPRA Accreditation either through parks and recreation master planning or program plans. We have multiple staff members who are CAPRA Visitors.

• Speaking Engagements
• Staff Training
• CAPRA Training

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