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In today’s digital age, every planning project needs a digital platform that can maximize user engagement in real-time and through multi-lingual platforms. The PROS team specializes in building customized digital platforms that not only crowdsource user information but also serve as a one-stop shop for all relevant planning information.

These responsive design websites maximize user engagement and allow for a multilingual use. This is combined with input through Social Media and linked to the agency websites to ensure a seamless user experience.

Using web analytics allows agencies to document the impact of the website as a powerful community outreach tool and our previous planning websites have been successful in engaging several thousands of users from California and Idaho to Indiana and Florida over the course of the planning process – significantly higher than any other outreach medium could achieve.

Apps and Training Portals
App Portals
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Happi Feet

Mobile apps are increasingly effective in engaging users and delivering instant, location based services or helping current and potential access information for an agency, an event or to simply provide feedback.

PROS’ proprietary real-time, GPS location-based customer input app “HAPPi FEET” is used by a variety of agencies nationwide to provide the highest level of user experience and obtain instant feedback from any part of their system or during live programs / events as well.

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