Park System Master Planning

The PROS philosophy is that market needs define programs that drive facility design. The PROS approach to master planning is to enter with an open mind and to let the process drive the outcomes. The emphasis is on building a dynamic tool that is objective and defensible and can lay the groundwork for a future bond referendum, grant programs, or donations. Equally important, it provides an opportunity to ensure that the current service offerings adequately serve the community needs and to proactively position the agency for future development.

In order to do this, we undertake a wide gamut of services that include:

  • Extensive community input (including focus groups, public forums, key leader interviews and statistically valid community-wide survey)
  • Needs assessments (Identifying facility and program priorities)
  • PROS Program Positioning Model
  • PROS Capacity-Demand Standards Model
  • PROS Facility Utilization Model
  • Facility Assessments, Classifications and Standards
  • Demographics and trends analysis
  • Equity mapping and service area gaps analysis
  • Operational standards and budget development
  • Capital improvement planning and cost estimates

*In the last 10 years, PROS has planned more than $1.9 billion in park and recreation infrastructure that has been or is in the process of being constructed.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the cornerstone of PROS Consulting. Our experience demonstrates that organizations get bogged down in the day-to-day operations and have limited ability or resources to think and plan strategically. We have helped hundreds of agencies move away from thinking about tactics to thinking about strategies. The PROS approach towards strategic planning involves two key components:

  • The Development side
  • The Deployment side

Too often, organizations successfully develop their strategic side only to fail due to poor execution. PROS believes that Strategy Deployment is an equally critical, if not more critical piece of the process.

We apply our knowledge of various processes including PROS Community Values ModelTM, Strategy Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, and traditional business planning methods to help organizations achieve the following:

  • Establish a clear vision, mission and goals
  • Aligning community needs with strategic action
  • Communicate and educate staff on how to create a more strategy-focused organization
  • Greater functional transparency
  • Institutionalizing change within the organization
  • Consensus building with varied stakeholder groups
  • Create accountability by instituting performance measures
  • Develop successful iterations of strategy
Sports Strategy Planning

PROS established Sports Strategy and Development Planning to support sports service providers and government agencies alike in streamlining their sports offerings, developing and packaging them effectively to target market needs, and ensuring optimum participation. PROS applies its extensive industry knowledge, which includes experience with some of the finest national and international sporting events and organizations, to provide objective review, analysis, and recommendations for agencies aspiring to reach the highest echelons of their industry.

The focus is helping clients develop a proactive and consistent approach to achieving their vision and mission, focusing on core activities and prioritizing and leveraging resources. From developing business performance plans for the United States Olympic Committee’s National Governing Bodies, to sports tourism plans for all of Eastern Kentucky, and to building integrated marketing and branding plans for the finest whitewater adventure course in the country (Adventure Sports Center International, Maryland), we have done it all.

Marketing and Branding Planning

Today, public agencies face increasing competition from not only the private sector but also online means and video games. In addition, lack of awareness is one of the biggest barriers to public participation as observed from data collected through hundreds of statistically-valid surveys.

All these reasons, underscore the increasing importance for agencies to invest in their marketing and branding plans. Starting with helping you define and establish your brand identity to understanding the target audiences and best ways to communicate to them and lastly, instituting the optimal performance metrics to identify what success looks like, we help you ‘tell their story’. This will result in increased advocacy, awareness and participation thus leading to greater revenue generation and financial sustainability over time.