Customer Service Training

Individual Session Training

Individual Session or Multi-Year Program

In today’s socially wired and hypercompetitive market, a positive customer experience is paramount to an agency’s success and sustainability. Additionally, with an increasingly diverse audience base from different backgrounds, ethnicities and even nationalities, cultural norms can also create challenges in providing quality guest experiences for all.

When it comes to operating an agency, everyone states how important customer service is…yet most claim to do a poor or inconsistent job in meeting their customer’s expectations. Challenges stated often include getting full buy-in from their staff, prioritizing what to do and instituting lasting change that can become part of the organization’s culture.

The PROS Customer Service Excellence Training, led by Neelay Bhatt, will help you unlock the secrets behind building a culture focused on exceeding your organization’s customer service. This is done with a combination of on-site and proprietary online training tools built from experiences working with diverse multi-cultural audiences at Disney, The Super Bowl, The Olympic Games and best practice agencies nationally and internationally.

Learn how to change your customer service culture and convert window shoppers to participants, participants to loyal customers and loyal customers to advocates.