Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment process is one of the pre-cursors of doing a Master Plan or a Strategic Plan. We will perform a comprehensive parks, facilities and program needs assessment that helps identify importance and unmet needs for a variety of facilities / amenities and programs.

The program assessment is performed using the PROS Program Positioning Model, or 3PM, which includes significant input from staff in the development of recommendations. 3PM includes a template of information that determines core programs, similar provider reviews, analysis of customer feedback mechanisms and more. Ultimately, the outcome of the process will be the creation of a dynamic recreation program plan that results in increased registration, drives customer retention and loyalty, improves customer satisfaction, and increases revenues. Additionally, it will help focus staff efforts in core program areas and create excellence in those programs deemed most important by program participants.

The facility assessment is driven by a comprehensive set of guidelines and operating parameters as tabled in the PROS facility assessment checklist. This helps assess a park or a recreation facility under the purview of a wide variety of guidelines that include, access, signage and way finding, maintenance lifecycles, technology offerings, amenity types and quality of offerings, safety and security measures, sustainable practices and staffing.

All the findings from the community input and survey, market analysis and trends, and program and facility assessment are then utilized to create a prioritized set of program and facility rankings that help guide the decision-making process for future services and offerings.

Operations and Maintenance Assessments

These assessments help agencies identify future organization and staffing needs, opportunities for operational efficiencies, policy development, process improvements and, system and technology improvements. Prioritized recommendations are then provided through a combination of staff input, legacy data review, and on-site observations and analysis of key organizational components in the following areas

  • Classification of services
  • Administrative delivery
  • Maintenance and Operating Standards
  • Organizational Design and Staffing
  • Staffing levels
  • Field Equipment/resources
  • Service Contracts
  • Workload Requirements
  • Procedures Manuals
  • Existing Policy and Procedures Management
  • Performance Measures and Indicators
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Identify and expand partnerships/volunteer support for facilities and services
  • Review and suggest new rules and regulations related to parks
Organizational Assessments

Operations and Organizational Development focuses on the people, processes, and systems that ensure the day-to-day success of an organization. The PROS team consists of seasoned practitioners who understand the complexities of operating a diverse organization while interfacing with multiple stakeholders. Using a variety of industry best practices (the Malcolm-Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence / NRPA Accreditation Guidelines) and our proprietary models (the PROS organizational framework and design and the PROS staffing model),

  • Eliminate silos and create more efficiencies
  • Proactively position the organization to seamlessly undertake a change management process
  • Develop and enhance the organizational culture
  • Build a better leadership infrastructure
  • Build synergies / greater teamwork and cross functional strength
  • Nurture and train staff to become successful leaders within the organization
  • Assess optimum staffing levels to maximize productivity and eliminate waste
  • Help to become best-in-class
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of the elected leadership and the community

Sample Functional Organizational Structure


Feasibility Assessments

The PROS team has completed over 100 recreation facility, aquatic, sports complex, and park feasibility studies over the last 21 years. Our approach involves a comprehensive market analysis to evaluate the existing conditions and future prospects for the proposed venture. Feasibility Studies result in sound financial projections along with a full understanding of the operations and maintenance costs for the proposed facility.

Additionally, it is our conviction that program drives design and we incorporate national and local trends to ensure the correct program is identified for the proposed site. We bring to the table several years of experience in planning, developing, and operating a wide variety of facilities nationwide. Our team’s resources are invaluable when it comes to assisting a client in identifying the right opportunities in the marketplace and ensuring the long-term operational and financial success of a project. Most importantly, since the PROS team does not have a stake in the design and planning of the project, we are able to ensure absolute objectivity, transparency, and the client’s best interests are in mind as we evaluate the viability of any project.

Business Plans

The intent of creating a Business Plan is to determine the programming needs, opportunities, and future operations of a department, division or specific park/facility. Our PROS team has completed hundreds of business plans for individual parks and facilities ranging from existing recreation centers, aquatic centers, sports complexes, golf courses, special use sites and programs, as well as state, regional, community, and neighborhood parks.

The outcome of a Business Plan is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations through an iterative process of market demand, programmatic, organizational and financial analyses. Members of PROS Consulting have managed a variety of parks and facilities as practitioners and have developed many business plans that include market analyses, core program development, operational and staffing plans, pro forma development, and funding and revenue strategies.

Financial and Cost of Service Assessments

Successful strategies and the best laid plans have no value unless the financial component is equally solid. The PROS team comprises of industry experts who have served as finance directors and business managers helping various organizations achieve desired operational and financial outcomes. Our in-depth financial analysis coupled with user friendly cost of service models, earned income generating ideas and pricing strategies would help you to maximize tax payer dollars and help build a more fiscally responsible and sustainable system.

These will help an agency to

  • Establish true cost of services
  • Effectively price offerings to reflect true value
  • Maximize cost recovery
  • Identify alternate revenue / earned income sources
  • Create policy making guide that drives financial decision-making
  • Streamline financial data collection and reporting