Riverside County


Riverside County Parks and Open Space District; Jurupa Valley, California


Client Description

Riverside County Parks and Open Space District is a best practice agency in the United States that serves over 2 million residents. They have received CAPRA Accreditation and many awards from the California Park & Recreation Society. The mission of the Park District is to acquire, protect, develop, manage, and interpret for the inspiration, use, and enjoyment of all people, a well-balanced system of areas of outstanding scenic, recreational, and historic importance.

Project Scope

PROS Consulting completed the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan that defined the District’s vision, mission, values and major goals for the next five years and beyond. The plan was built upon a collaborative and participant driven process, which when implemented in its entirety, will improve efficiency and build a sustainable organization. This plan was built upon the pledge that “Parks Make Life Better!”

Also, PROS Consulting worked with the District on an Aquatic Facility Operational Impact Report to identify the financial ramifications of developing an aquatic facility based on the market condition. The objective was to outline the operational costs and revenue opportunities to operate and maintain the facility and to determine the level of cost recovery anticipated.


The Strategic Plan addressed both the internal operations and management of the District and its external relationship to the region it serves. In addition, it established an overall framework to inform the District’s Comprehensive Master Plan and guide the District Board and staff over the next five years. The District staff and District Advisory Commission (DAC) guided the strategic planning process in coordination with the PROS team on development of the Strategic Plan. The Project was an Award-Winning Strategic Plan at 2012 National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials (NACPRO) and the District used the plan to seek CAPRA Accreditation which they received in 2012.


I am proud and thankful that this plan will not be a dust collector! Thanks for all that you have done to assist us in mapping a course that will be certain to achieve results.

Scott Bangle,
General Manager