Prince George’s County


Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation; Prince George’s County, Maryland


Client Description

A well-respected leader in the field, CAPRA Accredited and a five-time National Gold Medal Winner, the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation provides quality recreation programs, facilities, and services for residents and visitors. The Commission serves a diverse population and operates and maintains more than 27,000 acres of parkland throughout the county, including land developed to provide parks, picnic areas, athletic fields, historic sites, community centers, and recreation facilities. In an effort to maintain the county’s natural beauty, a large percentage of the land has been left undeveloped to serve as buffers and to provide natural open spaces.

Project Scope

PROS Consulting completed a Master Plan for Prince George’s County titled Formula 2040: Functional Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Space. The purpose of the project was to proactively plan for the county’s recreation programs, parks, trails, and open space needs now and into the future. An extensive public participation plan laid the groundwork for the plan along with service classifications, performance management, and functional organizational design. Also, a recreation program plan was completed that matched programs with facilities based on space and design standards and level of service standards. The project had 13 technical reports that helped define an image of what the parks and recreation system will like in 2040, when there will be fewer opportunities for land acquisition.

Also, PROS Consulting completed a Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Center (SAARC) feasibility study/business plan for a proposed new multi-generational recreational center located in the Brandywine area of Prince George’s County. It will be M-NCPPC’s first multi-generational recreation center to be developed in accordance with new design and operational guidelines for regional community centers based on the completed Master Plan.


The implementation of the Functional Master Plan has resulted in an overall philosophical change to a business approach to parks and recreation management. The Department’s cost recovery approach has been updated to match operational needs, and the Department has taken a more consistent methodology to classify services and facilities. Also, business and operational plans are being completed for all new parks being developed and redeveloped. Based on the Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Center, the Department has moved into construction and the center will be completed in 2016.


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