Mecklenburg County


Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation; Charlotte, North Carolina


Client Description

The Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department is home to 210 parks and facilities located on more than 18,000 acres of parkland throughout Mecklenburg County. The department is also responsible for 18 recreation centers, 7 public golf facilities, 3 indoor pools, 2 outdoor pools, 3 nature centers, a public campground and disc golf courses. For outdoor enthusiasts there are33 miles of developed greenways and 147 miles of undeveloped greenways. Mecklenburg Park and Recreation is responsible for 21 nature preserves.

Project Scope

PROS Consulting completed the 2008 Parks and Recreation Department Strategic Master Plan, as well as the 2015 Update. The foundation of this project was based in community and stakeholder public input process. The Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan provided a guide for decision-making to the County regarding the future development and management of its parks, trails, recreation and open space opportunities.


The plan created advocacy throughout the County among various stakeholder groups and helped prepare the largest bond package supporting parks and recreation in the County’s history. The $225 million package passed in November 2008 with overwhelming public support. The agency has used the plans for CAPRA Accreditation and the 2012 Gold Medal. The 2015 Update was completed to remain ahead of development and took into account demographic growth of the region, the County’s enhanced need for open space and protection of natural resources, and the expressed need by residents for quality parks, recreation facilities, and program services.


PROS Consulting has been one of the reasons for this department’s success, which includes CAPRA Accreditation and the 2012 Gold Medal. PROS completed the department’s 10-Year Comprehensive Master Plan. Far more than just a capital investment plan, the master plan delved into all aspects of the department, including key master plan “themes,” service levels, land acquisition, a comprehensive program review, operations and financing, prioritization for future facilities, and a strategic action plan.”

Michael Kirschman,
Deputy Parks and Recreation Director