Kansas City


Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department; Kansas City, Missouri


Client Description

The City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department (KCMOPRD) is a CAPRA Accredited agency that provides facilities, programs and recreational opportunities for the community that contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment and enhanced quality of life. The department maintains close to 12,000 acres of parkland including 220 parks, 134 miles of trails and bikeways, 29 lakes, 103 playgrounds, hundreds of athletic fields and tennis courts, ten community centers, five public golf courses and six museums. Miles of scenic boulevards and parkways crisscross the city, where 48 fountains and 117 memorials and sculptures surprise and delight.

Project Scope

PROS Consulting competed a two significant studies for the agency. The first was Parks and Recreation Community Facilities Operations Plan that included an assessment and evaluation of the current business practices and operations of the KCMOPRD’s ten (10) community centers. The assessment provided analysis of the skills and performance of program and management staff, pricing, programs, operational strategies and working methodologies. Also, in 2015, PROS Consulting completed a Tradition & Trends 2020: Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update for KCMOPRD. Many changes have occurred over since the 2007 master plan in the City in the form of a changing demographic profile, new development, enhanced needs for open space and protection of natural resources, and the need for quality parks, recreation facilities and program services. As with any quality comprehensive planning process, the community was involved throughout the development of the Master Plan through stakeholder and focus group meetings. The Master Plan is a living document with many moving components that must be achieved simultaneously.


The two plans provided staff with short term, midterm and ongoing recommendations to focus on, as well as refined KCMOPRD’s service delivery programming, operational business practices and pricing strategies to enhance/or sustain services over both the short and long term. Also, the Master Plan Update provided strategic recommendations to assist KCMOPRD with the changing demographic profile of its users, new development, enhanced needs for open space and protection of natural resources, and the need for quality parks, recreation facilities and program services.


On behalf of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, I commend and applaud PROS Consulting for developing a great strategic plan for the Parks and Recreation Department. I have had the honors of working with PROS Consulting for several years. They are professionals and have great knowledge of the Parks and Recreation business. This document is important for the growth and development of our department. The plan is comprehensive, inclusive and strategic. The Strategic Plan is a full service plan for the community. The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department will not only benefit from the plan with will be able to deliver further facilities programs and services to our community. We feel that the Strategic Plan prepared by PROS Consulting will serve as a guide for the department and address the issues that were identified in the planning process to continue to make the City of Kanas City a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit.”

Mark L. McHenry,
Director, Kansas City Parks and Recreation