Broward County


Broward County Parks and Recreation Division; Broward County, Florida


Client Description

Broward County Parks and recreation Division is a CAPRA Accredited Agency that manages almost 6,500 acres, encompassing nearly 50 regional parks and nature centers, neighborhood parks, and natural areas at various stages of development. Facilities include water parks, campgrounds, a target range, a stadium, a skate park, an observatory, mountain bike trails, an educational farm with stables, and a velodrome and other sports facilities.

Project Scope

PROS Consulting competed a Comprehensive Analysis of the Parks and Recreation Division that included an operational assessment of the system including analysis of staffing, maintenance, financing, programs, policy, natural resource management, concession management and facility management. The project goal was to achieve the highest level of efficiency and revenue capability for the agency. Also, PROS Consulting a marketing and branding plan and business plan for the County’s signature park and international cricket facility at Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium.


The two plans provided staff with short term, midterm and ongoing recommendations to focus on the changes the Division can make to achieve financial sustainability without sacrificing the value of the parks’ assets, amenities or reduce the experience and services available to users. The results of the analysis led to a $3 million reduction in cost through efficiency and new revenues of $2 million to support operational costs.


From my experience, there are only a handful of firms with such understanding of our profession, PROS Consulting being one that stands out among their peers.”

Dan West, Broward County,
Director Parks and Recreation