Boulder, CO


Boulder Parks and Recreation Department; Boulder, Colorado


Client Description

The City of Boulder is a growing and dynamic community with an estimated population of 100,000 inhabitants. The community is proud of its world-class parks and recreation system that matches Boulder’s national reputation for fitness, health and recreation.

Project Scope

A significant aspect of the Parks and Recreation Department’s offerings is its aquatic system. The system consists of five pools and provides a wide variety of programming and services aimed at meeting the aquatic needs of the community. The City contracted with PROS Consulting to provide an assessment of current aquatics facilities and infrastructure; evaluate current and anticipated demand for aquatic facilities in Boulder as well as the current and future supply to meet demands; provide case studies and industry best practices for aquatic facility development and management; develop scenarios and recommendations for Boulder to ensure vibrant and innovate aquatic facilities and management strategies; and provide conceptual cost estimating for capital and operating recommended scenarios.

Also, the Department contracted with the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands and PROS Consulting to develop a General Maintenance and Management Plan. The plan examined current maintenance standards and practices. The objective and outcome of the assessment was to evaluate, assess, and make recommendations regarding the system’s urban resources, urban park operations, and planning and design.


The overall vision and mission of the Boulder Aquatic Division has evolved over the past decade as the city continues to develop as a community comprised of healthy-minded, physically active citizens who love swimming. Following the assessment of the Boulder Aquatic Division operations, the PROS Consulting Team identified a variety of opportunities to support the development of the Aquatic Feasibility Plan. These recommendations for the operational, programming, facility, and financial recommendation elements will guide decision-making for the next five to ten years.

The Maintenance Management Plan supported the department’s maintenance efforts by recommending work efficiencies, performance measures, and work plans that will facilitate the Department’s effort to remain a highly regarded, benchmarked agency.


Boulder Parks and Recreation is so pleased with the 2015 Aquatics Feasibility Plan developed in partnership with PROS Consulting. As a result of this project, we have the asset management data to develop a 5 year Capital Investment Strategy to maintain our five aquatics facilities. In addition, we have objective recommendations to inform operational improvements thus ensuring our services align with community values and deliver the amazing facilities and programs our community expects.

Ali Rhodes,
Deputy Director