Leon Younger

Leon Younger, President

Leon is the founder and President of PROS Consulting. He has more than 29 years in parks, recreation, and leisure services. Leon is a
recognized leader in applying innovative approaches to managing parks and recreation organizations. He has held positions as Director of
Parks and Recreation in Indianapolis, Indiana; Executive Director of Lake Metroparks in Lake County, Ohio (Cleveland vicinity); and Director
of Parks and Recreation in Jackson County, Missouri (Kansas City). He received the 1994 National Park and Recreation Association’s Distinguished
Professional Award for his progressive and innovative thinking in management of public parks and recreation entities.

Leon is routinely invited to present his management and development philosophies at conferences, workshops, and training across the United
States, as well as internationally. He is co-creator of the Community Values ModelTM, a business model that synthesizes community and stakeholder
input into a strategic plan. He regularly addresses sessions at the National Park and Recreation Conferences and has served as a board member and
instructor at the Pacific Revenue and Marketing School in San Diego, California and the Rocky Mountain Revenue and Management School in Colorado.